TIAF200D-N Two-Way Amplifier  

Product Description

  TIAF200D-N Two-Way Amplifier have high performance and multifunction. This series of broadband line extenders amplifier ,accept a single input and provide 30 though 38 dB of operational gain to dual outputs , and that have 862MHz bandwidth. Using GaAs Power-doubled module (optional), the RF outputs level can be 110 dBuV. Forward and reverse bandwidth could be confirmed by selecting the different diplex filters.


  • 860MHz/750MHz RF bandwidth, two-way transmission
  • Aluminous housing, perfect waterproof and heat dissipation performance
  • Interior separable structure, convenient for maintenance
  • Modular design, convenient for maintenance and upgrade
  • Variable return path equalizer and attenuator, output level could be agilely adjusted
  • Excellent switching power supply, work on wide range of voltage, 35-75VAC, supplying high reliability
  • Power-doubled technology, high output level, output level up to 108dBuV,Sillon or GaAs technology available
  • Proven high reliability



ZJOPPF30 diagram


Performance Unit Description Note
Forward Reverse
Bandwidth MHz 47/87~750/862 5~30/65
Technology GaAs Power-doubled Push-pull
Flatness dB ±0.75 ±0.75
RF Return Loss dB 47MHz~550MHz ≥16 ≥15
550MHz~860MHz ≥14
AC Through Current A 10
AC Hum dB ≥65 ≥65
DC(24V) A 0.7(Max) 0.2(Max)
Test Point dB -20±1.5 -20±1.5
Recommended RF Output Level dBmV 48.0@862 MHz 35@65 MHz
38.0@87 MHz 35@5 MHz
Full-gain (min) dB 38 20~24 1
Internal Tilt dB 12
Noise Figure dB ≤10(0dB equalizing) ≤10(0dB equalizing)
Envelope Delay ns ≤10 ≤20
Resist Impacted Voltage KV 5
Distortion 59 PAL-D 3 PAL-D Note
CTB dB ≥70 ≥88 2
XM dB ≥66 ≥80
CSO dB ≥69 ≥82


1、Reverse gain doesn’t include the loss of reversion mixer. The gain could be changed with the different modules.

2、Operate on the recommended RF output level and gain.



Performance Unit Description Note
Input Voltage V AC 50Hz     24~75V
Output Voltage V DC     +24V
Output Current A +24V:1.3A Max,
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃