TIAF200E-C Two-Way and Extend Ampliifer  

Product Description

  TIAF200E-C Two-Way and Extend Ampliifer have high performance and multifunction. They have perfect AGC function, which guarantee more stable to the CATV system. The series of amplifiers have one main output and one bridge output, have 750MHz or 860MHz bandwidth. Forward and reverse bandwidth could be confirmed by selecting the different diplex filters.


  • 750MHz or 860MHz RF bandwidth, two-way transmission
  • Using Power-doubled or GaAs Power-doubled module, having high output level and perfect nonlinear distortion
  • Interior units designed modularization, convenient for maintenance and upgrade
  • Two-way independent reverse channels, output level could be controlled agility by adjusting the attenuator
  • Excellent switching power supply +24V5A, adapt to the wide voltage range 35-75VAC, supplying high reliability
  • Excellent AGC (automatic gain control) function and stable RF output level.



ZJOPPF30 diagram


Performance Unit Description Note
Forward Reverse
Bandwidth MHz 47/87~750/862 5~30/65
Technology Power-doubled or GaAs Power-doubled Push-pull
Flatness dB ±0.75 ±0.75
RF Return Loss dB ≥16 ≥15
AC Through Current A 10
AC Hum dB ≥65 ≥65
DC(24V) A 1.1(Max) 0.2(Max)
Test Point dB -20±1.5 -20±1.5
Recommended RF input Level dBmV 12 >12
Full-gain (min) dB 33 20-25 1、2
Internal Tilt dB 9 0
Noise Figure dB ≤8(0dB equalizing) ≤8(0dB equalizing)
Envelope Delay ns ≤10 5~30≤30 5~65
Resist Impacted Voltage KV 5
Distortion 59 PAL-D+33 digitals 3 PAL-D+33 digitals Note
CTB dBc ≤-78 ≤-88 3
XM dB ≥75 ≥80
CSO dBc ≤-75 ≤-82