TIOLA1500 1550nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifer  

Product Description

  Main Technical Characteristics
  1. This machine adopts imported optical module, pump laser and erbium doped amplifier.
  2. The perfect and stable circuit of optic power output and controlling circuit of thermoelectric refrigeration device of laser module assure the user the best quality and stable working for a long time.
  3. The internal micro-processor software has many functions such as laser monitoring, number display and trouble alarm and on-line management. Once the working parameter of the laser is out of the fixed range, there will be a red light glistening to alarm.
  4. The RS-232 standard connector makes it is possible to manage on line and monitor in another place.
  5. The machine adopts 19”standard shelf and it can work with the voltage from 85V to 254V or -48V DC.

Board Operation Guide:

Press the button “▼” in the board, the working parameter of this machine can be seen in turn as follows
  1. Model:OLA1550-13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24~26
  2. Output Power: display the output power of this machine(dB).
  3. Input Power: display the input power of this machine(dB).
  4. The bias current of the laser is the main working parameter of the laser. If there are more than one laser, the board will display the working current of BIAS 1, BIAS2, BIAS3, BIAS4 in turn. The red light will shine to warn when the parameter comes out of the fixed value.
  5. Laser Temp: The laser works between the temperature 20℃ and 30℃. If there are more than one laser, the board will display the working temperature of Temp 1, Temp2, Temp3, Temp4 in turn. The red light will shine to warn when the parameter comes out of the fixed value.
  6. REFRG Current:showing the working current(mA) of heating or cooling when the standard temp is 25℃ in order to protect the laser.
  7. + 5V test(Reads):showing internal actual Voltage of ±5V.
  8. – 5V test(Reads):showing internal actual-5V.
  9. SN: Showing the date of production.
  10. Address code: the user can plug the fixed net management software by RS232.

Operating Guide:

  1. Please examine this machine, shelf and the power to see if the power supply is good.
  2. This machine adopts the switch power with high quality and high stability which makes it is suitable to work in voltage from 110V to 254 V.
  3. Please make sure the connector is clean before installation. Please clean the fiber connector with pure alcohol before connecting the fiber.
  4. After connecting the power, please turn on the power in the back of the board, it says the power supply is all right when the board shows: Ready, key off. Then turn on the key in the board, after 3 seconds, the digital will show you the type of the machine and the laser power will turn on automatically. If the machine is all right, the condition guide light (Laser) will turn from red to green. And the screen will show you the working condition of this machine at present.
  5. Press the button ▼ or ▲ , then you can see the parameters of this machine in turn, and the button SELECT is used as the condition return button.
  6. In order to protect the laser, only 3 seconds after turning on the machine can the machine began to work.


  1. The main component of the amplifier laser is sensitive to the static electricity, so please keep the amplifier away from the static electricity. Furthermore, please keep it away from caustic things. Please keep the amplifier in temperature between -25℃and 65℃.
  2. Please make sure the power is earthed.
  3. The wavelength of the optical amplifier is 1550nm and the max output power is near 500mW. Before the installation or putting a protection cover, please don’t turn on the machine to avoid the laser light to hurt the eye.
  4. Please don’t block up the heating dispersion hole and keep the machine aired.
  5. Please don’t unfold the machine or remove any parts of the machine.


Main Technical Parameter:

Model(OLA1550) -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 -20 -21 -22 -23~26
Output Power(dBm) -13 -14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23~26
Input power (dBm) -3~10
Wavelength (nm) 1540~1560
Output power stability (dB) <±0.2
Bias oscillation sensitivity(dB) <0.2
Bias oscillation dispersion(PS) <0.5
Optical return loss (dB) >40
Fiber connector FC/APC、SC/APC
Noise ratio(dB) <5.0(0dBm optical input)
connector RS232 orRS485
Power loss (W) 50
Working Voltage (V) 220V(110~240)、DC-48V
Working Temp(℃) 0~40
Storage Temp(℃) -25~+65
size (mm) 19″×15″×1.75″

Warranty Term:

TIOLA1550 optical amplifiers are covered by ONE YEAR Limited Warranty, which starts from the initial date of your purchase. We provide its customer whole-life technical supports. If warranty is expired, repair service only charges parts (if required). In the event that a unit must be returned for service, before returning the unit, please be advised that:

    1. Warranty mark pasted on the housing of unit must be in good conditions.
    2. A clear and readable material describes model number, serial number and troubles should be offered.
    3. Please pack the unit in its original container. If the original container is no longer available, please pack the unit in at least 3 inches of shock absorbing material.

NOTE: we do not assume responsibility for damage caused by improper packing of returned unit(s).

The following situation is not covered by warranty:

  1. The unit fails to perform because of operators’ faults.
  2. Warranty mark is modified, damaged and/or removed.
  3. Damage caused by Force Majeure.
  4. The unit has been unauthorized alteration and/or repaired.
  5. Other troubles caused by operators’ faults.