TIOPFR30 Forward Optical Receiver Module  

Product Description

  A high performance optical detector adopted in TIOPFR30, it can receive the forward signal with the high performance and flexible configure.


  • High performance optical detector
  • Compatible with either 1310nm or 1550nm optical signal
  • Transmitting the work status parameter of the receiver in real time and display them
  • Perfect protect circuit
  • Excellent heat dissipation


ZJOPPF30 diagram

Technical parameters :

Optical Wavelength 1100nm-1600nm
Optical Connector Type FC/APC or SC/APC
Return Loss >45.0dB
Input Optical Power -4dBm~+2dBm
Bandwidth 47MHz~750/862 MHz
Output Level 96dBµV(-1dBm input receiving)
Output Level Range 0 ~-10 dB
Output Impedance 75Ω
Return Loss ≥16dB
Frequency Response ±0.75dB
Output Test Point Level -20dB
System parameters(See notes):
Carrier-to-Noise Ratio(C/N) ≥51.0dB
Composite Second Order (CSO) ≤-62.0dBc
Composite Triple Beat (CTB) ≤-67.0dBc
Dimensions W×H×L     30mm×130mm×370mm
Power Supply +24V       0.5A
+5V         0.2A
Operating Temperature -10℃~+40℃
Storage Temperature -25℃~+55℃


  • Connected with a standard optical transmitter, tested at the anticipated link loss.
  • OMI 3.6%,59 PAL-D analogue TV signals loaded, 33 QAM64 digital carriers and its level 6dB less than analogue carrier.
  • 96dBµV RF Output Level.