TIOPFT30 Forward Optical Transmitter Module  

Product Description

  TIOPFT30 Optical Transmitter Module adopts high linearity, low noise DFB laser that has FOI (Fiber Optic Isolator). Microprocessor that inspect all the work status parameters of DFB laser is inserted in TIOPFT30 and transmit them to TIOPFT30 system controller by Series Bus.


  • High linearity, low noise DFB laser
  • High performance microprocessor, monitoring the work status of TIOPFT30 and exchanging related data
  • Excellent APC (Automatic Power Control) and ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) functions ensure the stability of the laser output power and the long life of the laser.
  • Advanced pre-distortion rectify functions
  • Special RF AGC circuit, wide range RF input level
  • Transmitting work status parameter to system platform in real time and display them
  • RF driving power, 84(+3/-2) dBµV
  • Perfect protect circuit(power on delaying, work parameter alarm, over RF driving shut off and alarm)
  • Excellent heat dissipation design


ZJOPPF30 diagram

Technical parameters :

Optical Wavelength 1310±20 nm
Optical connector type FC/APC or SC/APC
Return Loss >45.0dB
RF :
Bandwidth 47 MHz~750/860 MHz
Input Level Range 84.0(+3/-2) dB
Input Impedance 75Ω
Return Loss ≥16dB
Frequency Response ±0.75dB
Input Test Point Level -20dB
System parameters(Note 2):
Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (C/N) ≥51.0 dB
Composite Second Order (CSO) ≤-60.0 dBc
Composite Triple Beat (CTB) ≤-65.0 dBc
General :
Dimensions W×H×L     30mm×130mm×370mm
Power Supply +24V   0.5A; +5V 0.5A; -5V     0.5A
Operating Temperature -10°C~+40°C
Storage Temperature -25°C~+65°C


    • Anticipated Link Loss: Sum of the loss of 10km optic fiber plus the loss of optical passive。
    • OMI 3.6%,59 PAL-D analogue TV signals loaded, 33 QAM64 digital carriers and its level 6dB less than analogue carrier.