TI1310nm Optical Transmitter  

Product Description

  Mini optical transmitter is a low-cost, high-performance optical transmitters for the HFC network designed for analog signal transmission equipment. The use of water-proof cast aluminum shell design, the work can be inserted, compact structure. System designers the flexibility to provide an unprecedented means to enable users to quickly and easily configure the system or system upgrade to meet the ever-expanding system and the development of technology in the demand for new business


  • Transmits NTSC, PAL, ATC, and related digital information for CATV and/or telephony applications.
  • Available in a variety of output levels.
  • High linearity, optically isolated, distributed AM feedback DFB laser.
  • 54-1000MHz RF input bandwidth.
  • Front panel laser diode and rear panel RF input test points (-20dB).
  • Operation wavelength: 1310nm.
  • Low RF drive levels enabled due to built-in RF amplifier and Automatic Gain Control.
  • Microprocessor-controlled diagnostics, front panel LCD display and controls.
  • Integrated SNMP network interface, functional on units with optional S/W loading.
  • Power supplies optional in VDC.


ZJOPPF30 diagram


Specifications Values Notes


Operating temp. (ºC) 0 – 50 32 – 122 ºF
Storage temp. (ºC) -40 – 85
Operating relative humidity (%) 5 – 95 Non-condensing
Power supply (Volt AC) 100 – 240
Power consumption (W) 25
Size (WxDxH in inches) 19×14.25×1.75
Interface port RJ45, RS232
Optical Wavelength (nm) 1300 – 1320
Output power (dBm) 6 – 14 Depending on model
Optical connector SC/APC
RF RF bandwidth (MHz) 45 – 1000
Input level (dBmV) 15 – 25 AGC
Flatness (dB) -0.75 – +0.75
Return loss (dB) 16 75Ω impedance
RF connector (main input) F type
CSO (dB) -57 58 PAL-D channel load, back to back at 0dBm receive power
CTB (dB) -65
CNR(dB) -51